Monday, February 7, 2011

Becoming Boss ...

"Hey Boss!", Julie greets me at the start of her shift. I always found it cute the way she calls me boss, but at some point it dawned on me that there is something deeper.

Julie, of Little Dog Orchard, our neighbor, and friend, whom we hang out with, go bowling, play games with deep into the night, the same Julie suddenly became my employee when we hired her as bartender.

As boss you are like a parent to your employees, and they are like children to you. You need to protect them, guide them, educate them, reward them for good behavior, and discipline them for bad behavior.

As boss you need to make sure your employees are happy, because happy employees are good employees. At the same time you need to ensure that work gets done, gets done properly and efficiently.

I was never a leader of people, never will be. I am more of a worker drone. But being an employer of people, I am forced to step up to the plate, and become a boss.



Anonymous said...

You were the Boss the first time I walked into Gunk Haus even before you had any employees. Your self- deprecating blog belies what what you knew all along. You and Liz make a wonderful team.
I'll see you soon.


Shane said...

I had a great meal here on Sunday! The food was very special and the service was charming. I loved the rustic and intimate yet spacious atmosphere. The owner played a convivial host. The location makes it feel like a true getaway as if was transported to Napa or Bavaria. This is a new favorite for me. I made a request to add Gunk Haus to Urbanspoon. When it goes up, you should claim it.