Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's Your Mix Drink?

Again I stand in front of you, asking you for your participation.

When we applied for our liquor license, we went for the whole shebang: beer, wine, and hard liquor. So far we have only served beer and wine, but we are thinking about slowly adding hard liquor and mix drinks.

So here is the question I put in front of you: What is your mix drink?

As always, thank you for your participation.



Anonymous said...

Vodka Tonic
Vodka Soda

Anonymous said...

Margarita or Gin and Tonic. But if a restaurant has special drinks I almost always order them instead.

Gia said...

My old standby is cranberry and vodka. Mojitos are nice, especially seasonal mojitos (or other types of fruity drinks) that use in season fruits, like blueberry, black cherry, etc.

In the fall and winter, I would partake of a white russian or brandy alexander.

Anonymous said...

Rum & coke
rasberry vodka & 7up/sprite

lindaingeborg said...

I've been trying to answer this question for a week now. It's like when you're on an airplane and you see the drink cart come closer and closer and you want to order JUST the right thing and she's like two rows away now and you still don't know and here she is. GIN AND TONIC!!! And I don't like gin and tonic.

But a vodka tonic with lime is nice. Never met a margarita I didn't like. Mojitos ARE nice but the muddlling oh the muddling. Wouldn't wish that on my worst bartending enemy.

Laura W said...

Dark & Stormy! Great in summer OR winter. Dark rum + ginger beer. Gingery like Grandma's sauerbraten gravy. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey Sour made with Makers Mark, so I guess that's a Bourbon Sour! Sour mix should always be made with fresh lemon juice and simple syrup.

The Shoe String Band said...

Kentucky Cider - bourbon, apple cider and a squeeze of lemon. Perfect for cider country folks like us!

Anonymous said...

Wenn es bei Euch so viele Aepfel gint solltet Ihr auch Most ambieten. Wir haben auch drei Fässer im Keller...Jule

Anonymous said...

Frozen margaritas
Margarita sunrise
Frozen mudslides

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