Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's Your Mix Drink?

Again I stand in front of you, asking you for your participation.

When we applied for our liquor license, we went for the whole shebang: beer, wine, and hard liquor. So far we have only served beer and wine, but we are thinking about slowly adding hard liquor and mix drinks.

So here is the question I put in front of you: What is your mix drink?

As always, thank you for your participation.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gunk Haus Brewhaha ...

Gunk Haus is closed on Tuesday, which only means that we have less people around than usual, but work still needs to be done, like payroll, prepwork, paperwork, and what not.

I did a bunch of that this morning, then proceeded to continuing work on the walk-in cooler in the basement (we're slated to pour the footing on Friday, and frame out the room on Saturday; how exciting is that?!).

For the afternoon we had planned our first staff meeting, which was to be all about how to brew beer. As we will be a more beer-centric restaurant (once I have the tap system in place) we felt the staff should know how beer is made and what makes different beers different.

And what better than actually making beer. So we all got together this afternoon, I talked about the different ingredients used to make beer, and showed them how beer is made. Before we put it into the fermentation bucket, everybody got to try the unfermented beer (also called wort), and judging from that I am happy to say that it will turn into a spectacular beer.