Wednesday, July 28, 2010

About That Walk-In ...

The other day (more than a month ago), I told you about installing a walk-in cooler in the basement. Shortly thereafter I looked over the panels of the walk-in we had bought a long while back, and noticed that there was a panel missing, or so I thought at that time (today I know better).

That's when I decided to do what I always had in mind: Build a custom walk-in, which is much larger than what we have, and it will fit into the basement like a glove (after some excavating and such, but you'll see for yourself in a second).

Here is the scene of the crime. In this area in the basement must have been a kitchen in the past ...

... with the food being prepared in this now defunct fireplace. The first task was to remove the concrete in front of the fireplace.

Next there has to be a trench. I love digging trenches, I'm good at it, shallow trenches, deep trenches, I do it all. This one is more on the shallow side, and it is meant for a footing on which the walk-in walls will rest on. This may sound like overkill, but I want to do it right the first time around. Plus, the other functionality the walk-in, or its walls, has is to support the floor above, not that it is in danger of collapsing, but due to the long floor joists it is quite bouncy.

I am almost done with the digging, and here you can see the beginning of the footing form.

It will be a spectacular walk-in, not least because of the door, which we got from our friends at TuthillHouse At The Mill.



Rick Ness said...

wow looks like another fun project. We'll need another tour soon!

Linda said...

That i s a mighty big project! It's gonna be so great when it's done. Goooooood luck!

Hope to see you guys soon! I'm back to work in a serious way and I don't even know when I'll be back up there but when I do - count on me for last call!!!!

Hope you're well!!!

Gunk Haus said...

It is a fun project, well it would be if I didn't have a gazillion other things going on.

But the biggest change will happen towards the weekend. We're going to pour the footing for the walls on Friday, and on Saturday, we'll frame out the walk-in (in theory anyway ... ;-).

Rick, lemme know once you got you backyard astro-turfed, I reall want to see that ... ;-)

Linda, we'll see you soon ... :-)

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