Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What A Weekend ...

What an exciting and tiring weekend. I don't even know where to begin, but this picture says it all: We are open for business!!!

Strike 11am on Saturday I flipped the sign to Open and ... nothing happened, until about an hour later when our first customers walked through the door: Shirley and Butch Anson of Clintondale. Both have been staunch supporters of Gunk Haus.

Saturday was filled with events. We had dinner reservations for about 40 people, and I sort of got yelled at by E! for not staggering them more carefully. By 7pm the Haus was bustling, there was chatter and laughter, and it felt good to see Gunk Haus alive.

Of course there were glitches: The fryer broke, and so we had to take the french fries off the menu. And then there was the A/C which stopped working in the beer hall.

Around 4pm I noticed that it was awfully warm in the beer hall. The air handler didn't budge. I tried to fix it temporarily, but without success. So I called the A/C guys, after all, I had a restaurant to run. By 6pm we were back and running, but the beer hall was still too warm, and it would take the A/C the rest of the evening to cool it down again, but no one seemed to mind.

My personal superstar of the evening was my beloved wife. E! ran the kitchen like a general, and churned out yummy food like there is no tomorrow. We haven't found a line cook yet, and therefore the burden of the kitchen rests on her shoulders.

Yesterday she came running out of the kitchen glowing with pride to show off her first kitchen tattoo: She had taken a rack of pretzels from the oven, and meant to put it on an upper shelf for cooling, when it slipped off her hand and started falling. Determined not to lose the pretzels she caught the hot rack with her upper arm, resulting in a one by three inch burn. Cooks are tough!

It was an exciting weekend, and there is so much more to talk about, but I will leave it at this for now.

I want to thank our service and kitchen teams for making this opening weekend a success (we have a great team), and of course you, my dear readers, and supporters.



Gia said...

Dirk and E, we are honored to be there for your first night and want to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves. The food was amazing. I a huge burger fan and I must say, your was one of the best I've ever had in a restaurant! The burger in the pretzel bun went really well with my hefeweizen. YUMMM!!! Can you send one to me in Philly? I'm craving another. ;-)

HiHo said...

so wonderful to hear the place is alive with laughter and chatter....I got a little choaked up reading that. It's a very special place :)

Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful to see your dream come true this weekend...As I was leaving took the same picture that you posted of your doorway with the OPEN sign drawing guest into your establishment.
You should be so proud!

J Bird said...

I've seen the "kitchen tattoo" and it's painfully impressive. E does, in fact, rock. (As does D, but we haven't seen any of his scars yet...)

Jerry Starpoli said...

I was away for the opening but stopped in today to see what has happened. Place looks great but the kitchen Tattoo on Elizabeth's arm looked like it must have smarted.
Much success to you!!!!!

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