Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gunk Haus Is Now On Facebook ...

Finally enough people like Gunk Haus on Facebook to enable me to obtain a vanity URL. To follow Gunk Haus on Facebook, go to The Facebook page will provide more information on menu, beer, and wine selections, while this blog will continue to be my personal account of opening a restaurant, i.e. my place to rant and rage ... ;-)



Billiam van Roestenberg said...

Fabulous Dinner!
People from all over!
Farmer Billiam loves Gunk Haus!

Metanoia said...

You can't be serious--if you think of your employees as children they better be under the age of 12. Why not view them as the capable, intelligent and talented individuals they probably are? Discipline them? What does that mean? Do they also discipline you? Your concept of yourself as "boss" sounds more like you are in it for the power in which case you need to make sure you're not abusing it. Employees can surpise you with both their abilitities and their desire to support the growth of your business. They're not children, and they're not your property. I'v been to your restaurant and from what I saw you have a strong and talented bunch of people working for you and with your attitude you're extremely lucky to have them.

Anonymous said...

But on the other hand the food is good, the beers are intriquing and the waitstaff seem pretty happy so you must be doing something right. . .

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