Friday, May 14, 2010

Where Did The Day Go? ...

The nice thing about blogging is that it makes me think about what I actually did that day, because sometimes the day just passes by me. Let's see if I can recall what I did today.

I hung some spice shelves in the kitchen. Then I am drawing a blank. I ordered refrigerant lines for the ice maker. Another blank. I meant to do touch up painting in the back of the house (i.e. kitchen, wait station, and dish station; that's restaurant lingo, you'll get used to it ... ;-), but ended up cleaning the dish washer and sink, which still had construction dust and dirt on them. More blanks. I dump to gallons of bleach down the well, because we need to shock the well again before we open (actually it's less about the well, but the water lines that have been installed since we shocked the well last time). I painted part of the dish station floor with concrete sealer, and then we went shopping.

I apologize for yesterday's abrupt ending of the blog. I meant to write more about what is going on and why we are so bouncy in our plans and all that good stuff, but I barely managed to keep my eyes open, and simply published the post as is, put the computer aside and fell asleep.

More tomorrow, more excitement hopefully, more energy to tell you about the excitement.