Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thousand Piece Puzzle ...

Once again, dear readers, you have answered the call, and provided your input on another hot topic. Although I usually don't expect any new revelations, shoe-napkins aside, your answers provide us with a sentiment and level of tolerance regarding certain topics, and they influence our decisions, and we do not make these decisions lightly. We constantly have to weigh cost and benefit, and your answers help us tip the scale in one or the other direction.

Today was E!'s day to do dishes. In your household this may sound like punishment, at Gunk Haus it means fun (we love our dishwasher). We should have people pay us to work as dishwasher.

We are gearing up for the final (pre-opening) inspection by the health department this coming Monday, so there are a thousand little things to do.

I hooked up the coffeemaker and ice maker today. Both have a direct water connection, i.e. they are constantly supplied with water (as opposed to our espresso maker, which is a pour-over model). Because of that they have to have a back flow preventer inserted in the water feed, which keeps water from being siphoned back into the water pipes, and potentially contaminating them.

The problem with all this is that these are not common plumbing problems. As the connections of your toilet, faucet, or ice maker (in the fridge) are very common, you can go to your local hardware store, and buy the one piece that makes it happen.

Not in this case. I literally spent hours at Lowe's trying to come up with a solution, which doesn't use twenty or so parts to hook up the coffee maker or ice maker. Not only does each additional piece add cost, but it also adds a point of failure. Anyhow, I finally got it done today, and that's what matters.


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