Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taking Reservations ...

Here is our game plan:

We will throw our doors open Saturday, May 29, all comers taken. We'll be open Saturday through Monday (Memorial Day) at our regular hours (11am - 11pm Sat, 11am - 10pm Sun and Mon). We are closed on Tuesday. Wednesday June 2nd through Monday June 7th, we'll be open for dinner and by reservation only. And starting on Wednesday June 9th we'll be open on our regular schedule (11am - 10pm, Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu; 11am - 11pm, Fri, Sat; we're closed on Tuesdays).

We will only have four items on the menu for Memorial Day weekend, and a limited beer selection (I just haven't had time to setup the walk-in cooler, and the tap system). Starting next week, we will slowly add menu items, and take time to train the staff, and after that we are in business.

OK, folks, it's 12:30am, and I haven't brushed my teeth yet, so here's the day in pictures and few words:

One 12000 BTU portable A/C does not cool the bar room on the hottest of days. Note to self, need to get a second unit (we'll try to squeeze by with portable A/Cs until we have to money to install ductless A/C).

Dutch door to the wait station, newly installed, swings both ways.

Ice maker, charged and making ice (very important for a restaurant!).

Door to the wait station (from the beer hall), swings both ways.

Who wouldn't want to have these guys as there best friends?! Good food, good beer, good atmosphere (oh, and the mirror is what this picture is all about).



Gia said...

How fun! Love the bathroom shot.

Jo said...

Exciting!! Is it best to call for reservations for Wed, June 2nd or should we just post them here? The place looks great!

christine said...

We live just up the road and have been watching your progress for the last 2 years...Amazing transformation!!! You two are incredible! We will most certainly stop by this weekend and become regulars quickly!!! Congratulations on your hard work, the place looks gorgeous.

Gunk Haus said...

Jo, yes, please call us at the number listed to the left. We are totally going gaga here, and I don't read the blog during the day (anymore).

Thanks ... :-)

Nell said...

We also live on South St and are so thrilled to see that great old house beautifully renovated! We'll be there on Saturday, too -- Nell and Bill

stella said...