Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stenography ...

The days are getting longer, so I will keep this post brief. It is 11am, and I am only starting to write this post. Too much is going on right now. I was up last night at around 3am cutting mirrors for the bathrooms (in the last seven days I haven't had a single night where I wasn't up for at least two hours).

I was largely straightening things up in the Stube (our private dining room), so we could move stuff there from the beer hall.

We received our last piece of major equipment for the time being, a counter-high refrigerator, with shelving, for the kitchen.

It is quite long and wide, which meant I had to make space to get through the bar and the wait station to get into the kitchen.

Jeff was by to put in the new solenoid valve (actually he was by for something else, but he did this instead).

Jack was by while I was out, so I don't know what to report, but I'm sure it was something good.

My afternoon was filled with talking to our accountants, shopping, and more shopping.

And now I'm seriously tired. Good night.