Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Staffing Up ...

We haven't actually started hiring yet. There are many a reason: Once you have staff, you are responsible for people, there's lots of paperwork to be filled out, and kept, and filed, and money to be payed. In other words, it's a lot of work.

Nevertheless, we have had people stop by looking for work. We usually take their name and number, have a quick or longer chat about experience, the weather, and what-not.

Today we had a prospective cook come by, out of the blue. Wait staff are a dime a dozen, cooks not so much, they are the ones who actually have to deliver on the promise of good food. Subsequently, the conversation took quite long.

What is it we are looking for in our staff? Obviously, they have to be able to fulfill their job, but personality is just as important. For one thing they have to be compatible with us (because we work with them on a daily basis), and our philosophy of the restaurant.

We prefer hiring people full-time. As I mentioned before, having staff is work, but having staff change constantly is even more work. Additionally, full-time staff allows us to slowly transfer responsibilities. At some point we would like to step back a little, if only to regain a little bit of life outside Gunk Haus, but for this you need staff you can trust, and full-time staff is more likely to fit that mold.



J Bird said...

Should your loyal fans be on the lookout for staff? If so, tell us what positions you're looking to fill and anything we would need to know to find you the perfect person. I bet we could get you staffed up with quality folks in no time! (When you're ready, of course.)

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