Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shelf Life ...

There haven't been a lot of pictures lately, so there will be a lot of pictures today.

This day was all about shelving, well, almost, because E! did a lot of cleaning (all for the health department).

Not a shelf, well, the door sill could count as one.

A little shelf for the hand soap.

Again, not a shelf, but the tables bases for the booth tables, which Jack and I will put together tomorrow (sorry, Julie, couldn't wait on this one).

Uh, a shelf again, though this one I installed a while back. It has yummy home-made preservatives on it (sorry, Jack, we still haven't cracked a single jar).

A spice shelf, rack, shelf, rack, d'oh!

Another shelf, rack, shelf, rack, uuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh!!!

A ... SHELF!!!

More shelves ... rack? Shelf and rack? Dangnabbit!!!

Definitely not a shelf. Maybe a hanger rack?



Gunk Haus said...

My apologies to Jack that, no, he did not gives us jars of preservatives, but preserves. But you laughed, didn't you, and that is healthy they say ... :-)

J Bird said...

Really? No more base camp? Or perhaps I can paint them with the tops on 'em? Dang. I was going to come this week! I hate being a slacker...

Gunk Haus said...

Julie, I hate to pop your bubble, but there are still plenty of bases waiting for you to be painted ... ;-)

J Bird said...

Excellent. I live to serve. (And snack on strudel and pretzels and grass-fed burgers!)


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