Monday, May 10, 2010

Paper Or Cloth ...

E! and I were sitting at the dinner table discussing what napkins to use, paper or cloth. So, my dear readers, what is your napkin preference, paper or cloth?

We went out and spent a lot of money, again. Mostly things to make the health department happy, and then things to connect the things that make the health department happy to the things that make us happy, like a refrigerator-sized ice maker.

One of the things that make me happy is our dishwasher. I spent about two hours today doing dishes, just the bare essentials (more glasses are on the bar) ... ;-)



Rick Ness said...

Ok, I'm a bit of a napkin snob so I'm going to give you my $0.02 worth. I like a good cloth napkin as long as it has some softness and absorbency. A lot of napkins you get at certain big chain hotel restaurants and other places etc are so tightly woven, nothing seems to absorb into it. What's the point of that? (well of course it's probably easy for the hotel or linen company to clean and they never wear out but that's it) That said, I also like a good paper napkin as long as it has a good thick feel and you don't need more than one for the most part. So I think then it boils down to what feel you'd like to portray in the restaurant: casual or fine dining or in-between, the cost and the environmental impact. Next to the food, silverware and seating, napkin choice is huge.

Gia said...

I'd say a good quality paper. Perhaps recycled?

Anonymous said...

Napkins can be made out of recycled paper, but sadly soft paper like napkins can not be recycled.

Things get worse because to make recycled paper bright white takes a lot of chemicals and energy which sort of defeats the purpose.

Aesthetically, I much prefer cloth napkins even in casual restaurants.

Ultimately, there is the cost and hassle factor. Paper is easy. Cloth means at least weekly linen service (cost) and storage (hassle).

Om a related topic, and if you can, please avoid plastic containers for doggy bags.

lindaingeborg said...

I don't think I mind a rougher recycled napkin. I think it would go with the feel. I agree that cloth can feel stuffy.

I will save you some money either way and just use my shirtsleeve!

Jerry Starpoli said...

Unless the cloth is Cotton, I want paper. The polyester blends are like wiping your mouth with your shoe. Good quality paper is my choice.
Somehow I cannot access my gmail account. This is Jerry the almost friendly sign maker

Leslie said...

I agree with everything Rick Ness said. It really does come down to the restaurant's image . . . and in my opinion Gunk Haus is special, artisinal,a cut above the average restaurant . . therefore, cloth. Sorry, but I think it does send a loud message about what kind of restaurant you think you have.

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