Sunday, May 23, 2010

Overspray ...

We are blessed with a great neighborhood and great neighbors. They bring us cookies and muffins, they plow us out in the winter, and they spray-paint our table bases, which is what our neighbors James and Scott did today. It took them two hours start to finish what would have taken me an entire day to do with a brush.

And the Jack was back, finishing the banquette in the beer hall. I hate to brag, but this place is looking awesome.

We stopped by our friend Jerry's to have a look at the sign, which will adorn the building fairly soon.



J Bird said...

Seriously? That's looking awesome. I can't wait a week!!!!

J Bird said...

But wait a minute - did James and Scott crush my groove? Are ALL of the table bases done??

Rick Ness said...

sweet! that sign looks great!

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