Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Stuff ...

Sometimes it feels like restaurateurs are vultures, at least when you go to a restaurant auction, or you go to someone's self-storage to pick through what you need (of all the things someone else doesn't need anymore).

So we went out today and got more equipment, tables, chairs, a freezer, and all the little stuff we need. We bought them from a former pizzeria franchisee (and now our place somehow smells like a pizzeria).

Buying someone's leftovers from what used to be their livelihood is always a little sad, because you know they failed at what you are trying to do. Life is tough, in the restaurant business anyway.



lindaingeborg said...

Tack så mycket, danke schön and thank you for the other night. A treat as always. I think I am still in chocolate heaven and we all agreed the streudel would be a great addition to the menu. YUM!

Thanks also for all the great tips and info on the area. The P-folk are heading up north tomorrow - destination Lake Placid and Lake Champlain.

Keep saturday free for hot dogs and micheladas!!!

See you soon!

Gia said...

Perhaps they closed to retire happily after a long succesful career. ;-)

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