Friday, May 28, 2010

The Menu ...

I have been asked a few times already, so here it is, the menu (for this weekend):

Haus Burger
Local grass-fed 8 oz burger on haus-made pretzel bun, with local baby salad greens

Curry Wurst
Smoked spicy beef sausage with haus-made curry-catsup on a pretzel bun, with local baby salad greens

Portobella Paprikash (vegetarian)
Grilled portobella marinated in spicy Hungarian paprika sauce, served on pretzel bun, with local baby salad greens, picked beets, and cooling haus-made blue cheese dill dressing

Weiss wurst
Fresh pork sausage softly seasoned, with a sweet mustard potato salad and asparagus

Elia's Famous Hot Dogs
A double-sized dog on our haus-made pretzel bun

Fresh hand-cut Fries

It is 1am, the Dirkster is tired, but I want to thank Heidi of Hi-Ho Market in Gardiner for spending her after-hours at Gunk Haus, helping out with all these little things that need to be done.

We also had our first employee here today, Ryan, our daytime dish washer, who simply went berserk cleaning the beer hall. He is great, he works independently, he's thorough, and in general just pleasant to work with.