Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Liquor Locker ....

Yesterday was so busy, that I forgot to mention that we got our silverware in. Well, so here you have it.

Today was an equally busy day, and I apologize upfront if I forget something. We are getting closer and closer to opening, which means more and more people stop by, vendors mostly, but also prospective staff.

The highlight, I want to say, was the visit by a credit card processing representative, and we got the lowdown of credit card processing. I make it sound bad, but it was great education, and we learned a lot.

We had prospective service staff over this evening for a group interview, which went pretty well.

For most of the day E! was on the phone finding a new dough mixer, because our six-quart KitchenAid crapped out. Now you wonder why we don't just get another KitchenAid. Well, the reason why it crapped out is because it is actually too small for what we need, so E! was looking for a commercial dough mixer, clocking in at 20 quarts, which is the largest counter-top mixer you can get.

I was busy in the basement building a liquor cage, which we are required to have to lock up the liquor.

So I framed out a nook in the basement, slapped some chicken-wire and recycled fencing on, installed a door, and called it Fort Knox.



Gia said...

So, is that also where you put the misbehaving patrons?

Gunk Haus said...

YES!!! ... So, you better behave ... ;-)

Leslie said...

Hey, so when E finds that mixer, let me know what kind it is -- the Kitchenaid is too small for me too! (I suspect, however, that I cannot begin to afford a commercial one, but I still would like to know what kind is big and also countertop). Thanks, and GOOD LUCK!!!

J Bird said...

I'm so glad the booze will be safe from chickens.

Gunk Haus said...

Actually we were going to keep the chickens in there, too ... ;-)

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