Monday, May 24, 2010

Diaper Drive ...

I had meant to mention it for a while now, but always forget, so I'll make this its own post.

We would like Gunk Haus to be a family friendly restaurant, and therefore stock the essential baby changing items in one of the bathrooms (in case you Moms and Dads forgot them at home).

The tricky part here is that they don't sell diapers in a multi-size pack, covering size ranges from little munchkin, to starting-to-crawl munchkin, to can-reach-the-TV-remote munchkin, to ... you get the idea.

Therefore, if your munchkin moved up the diaper ladder, and you're stuck with a year's supply of diapers that don't fit anymore, drop a few (five or so) off at Gunk Haus, so we can help out other Moms and Dads in need.

Thank you.



Jenny K-D said...

I love this idea!! Even if you don't have the diapers I need, it would be so nice to have a restaurant with a clean changing table, some wipes, and maybe some Balmex. Thank you for being SO family friendly!!

Gunk Haus said...

Jenny, thank you for providing a sort of checklist on what one needs to take care of the little ones' needs. As you may, or may not, know: DDDD, Dirk Don't Do Diapers, but other people do diapers, and sometimes they don't plan ahead and forget things at home.

Now, don't even think we came up with this ourselves. We stole that idea from our fellow restaurateur Agnes of The Village Tearoom.

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