Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Days Are Getting Longer ...

I should take more pictures, these days anyway, so I know what happened that day. We are busy, busy, busy.

This morning I remembered I wanted to take a shot of the building. The one I have on my profile still shows Gunk Haus buried in snow.

E! meanwhile headed out to get a new mixer, a little bigger than the KitchenAid she's been using thus far. It's a 20 quart Hobart, which is the largest table-top model there is (most likely because it is as heavy as myself, or worse).

With all the pretzels we're going to make, we needed a bigger mixer. Speaking of pretzels, one could think that a lot of people read this blog to skim off ideas for their restaurants, at least when you read this article in the New York Times today. A bunch of copy-cats is all I have to say.

I spent most day building feet, or legs, for the banquette in the beer hall ...

... and by 9pm we finished staining them. Yes, we were busy. Visits by vendors, beer deliveries that we didn't expect, and sent back, interviews with prospective staff, and I don't know what. As I said, I should take more pictures to jog my memory at the end of the day.



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