Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's Your Beer ...

Before I continue with the post, I want to mention to you that this is blog post number 500. Yes, you read right: 500 corky posts by yours truly.

E! spent the last two days calling vendors and distributors, in particular beer distributors, and we had one stop by today. For the last three or so years, we have tasted lots of different beers (local, regional, and imports) to find beers we would like to put on the menu.

So today I give you another homework assignment. Please let me know which beers you like and would order at a restaurant. Please be specific ("I like brewery XYZ" doesn't help at all). If you don't like beer, I'd like to know what it is about beer that you don't like (again, be specific). OK, all you beer drinkers (Charlie, Al, Ed, I know you're reading this) get to work!

I almost wasted this post on the news that The Loafer Man (TLM) had been nixed at the health department, but why give someone, whom I think very low off, that much credit. I felt angry all morning, because of all the trouble and money we had to go through because of TLM, but at the end of the day there was only one thing to say: Goodbye Loafer Man.



Leslie said...

I'm sorry, I almost never order beer in a restaurant. In fact, I think I only order beer when I have pizza. However on the very rare occasions I order beer, I tend to order beer from the country whose cuisine we are eating. So Kingfisher in an Indian restaurant, Italian beer in an Italian restaurant etc. Sorry, I don't think this comment is very helpful.

But, for people like me, do put on some specialty mixed drinks -- I LOVE (and almost always) order those!

lindaingeborg said...

Crap! I totally missed like an awesome opportunity to plug our home brew. Well, if the well ever runs dry over there you know where we hidem.

Cheers big ears!

Charlie H said...

Were to start.........Ok so if I was doing a New York theme I guess I would do it this way :)
Keegan Mothers Milk Stout
Brooklyn Lager, Hefe and Brewmasters reserve
Ithaca Flower Power IPA
Defiant Tripel
Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter Southampton Saison
Southern Tier Unearthly IPA
Ommegang Abbey and/or Witte

Other then that I would say just mix it up. It is always good to come in and find something on tap that wasn't there last time and I probably won't find at 95% of the other places around. I love a big Belgian or an Imperial stout. Man now I'm getting thirsty and it is only 10:30a.m.

SupermarketPolice said...

I like Yuengling Lager and Allagash White.

Al said...

Having a good example of beer styles as your 'house' beers is good and then having those special beers that appear from time to time.
German wheat- Franziskaner, Lager - Brooklyn Lager,Spaten Munich, Belgium - Chimay ,Lefe etc., Local beers of course Mothers Milk, Capt Lawrence, Hoppy beers - Ithaca Flower Power, Sierra Nevada, something from Ommegang Rare Vos is a favorite of mine, something big for those cool Summer..I mean winter nites, Imperial _____(fill in the blank)
Knowing that when I came I would find a good German, IPA, Belgian etc always on tap is a good draw.
No one mentioned Red Stripe.

Al said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lindaingeborg said...

OH! We thought of a fave from the correct side of the Atlantic! Radeberger.

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