Monday, April 12, 2010

No Whitty Title ...

I am tired today, and mentally completely exhausted. Not that I did much, I was largely running around, finding material that would help me hook up the ice maker (I'll take a picture tomorrow, because it will finally happen). During these run-around trip I often feel like I have completely off-the-charts ideas on how to solve things, because whatever I conceive doesn't exist, or it doesn't exist in the way I need it (like a hydra with one head, but multiple tails). And these shopping failures are wearing me out, they ruin a day before it even started.

I spent all of this morning going from one store to the next, not finding anything. Although I have to admit, it helped me come up with a solution for my problem. There are many ways to skin a cat, but I always try to come up with an elegant and practical solution, and that's where I usually get into trouble.

OK, none of this makes sense, or sounds fascinating or interesting, but as I said, I am tired today. More and better blogging tomorrow. Maybe ...



J Bird said...

Dude - you should definitely call or visit when you hit that point. Between you and Jody, I think you guys could solve anything! You should see how he recently MacGuyver'd the mower. It's impressive and saved us about 1K on a new mower deck.

Anonymous said...

How to skin a cat - method 27:

Super glue and a tooth brush.

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