Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mine, Mine, Mine ...

I did a little bit of cleanup today, moving material and equipment into the basement. as part of this Spring cleaning, I took a bunch of metal, which I'd been collecting for a while, to our local scrap metal place. The beauty about it is that they not only take your scrap metal, they also pay you for it.

While I was there, I figured I'd ask if they have some stainless steel scrap, because I still need a table to go between the dishwasher and the sink. Lucky me, they had just gotten this stainless steel shelf in. Normally I would have paid for it, but the owner insisted I buy him dinner at our place once we're open (he knows, we're opening a restaurant). I may have mentioned it before, but we owe favors all over town ... ;-)

When I got home, E! was happy about my find, but quickly turned googly-eyed, as she is lusting for more shelving space. A wrestling ensued like between Frodo and Gollum for the ring, but in the end the dish table prevailed, as we need it for the health department (full disclosure: nobody's finger got bitten off ... ;-).

We had friends (aka test eaters) over for Meatfest 2010. On the menu: all grass-fed beef burgers on a pretzel bun with salad greens, house-made curry ketchup (we won't serve that with the burger, of course, but we needed to get some feedback), and Swedish brownies with ice cream (thank you Linda).



Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, I'm not Gollum in that scenario, obviously, since the table fell into the hands of the evil health dept who rules us all.

J Bird said...

We're all going to become Gollum for those burgers. Sakes alive they were good!

Gia said...

It's so fun to follow your blog and to see your sense of humor. Keep 'em coming.

The picture of the table setup is very charming and I especially like the red chairs.

lindaingeborg said...

Super special burgers! Thank you for having us. Can't wait to have'em all the time.

We went to Rossi's today finally. Got a nice sampling of stuff to be enjoyed later.... Can't wait.

See you soon!

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