Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little Things ...

Sometimes a whole day passes by, you're busy every minute, but it doesn't seem like you have accomplished anything. Today wasn't such a day, but I would have loved to get more done.

Let's see:

Installed pendent light above bar: Check!

Install sink behind bar: Check! Something's still leaking: Open trouble ticket.

Follow up on a new obsession (straw bale gardening): Check!

Take a picture of one of my hop plants: Check!

Lots of action, but it could have been more.



J Bird said...

This is all very exciting! What kind of hops are you growing?

Gunk Haus said...

I am growing Hallertau Mittelfrüh, my favorite hops, plus it's a piece of home to me (my hometown borders the Hallertau region).

lindaingeborg said...

Lights look great! And the hops looks healthy as all get out. Love it love it love it!!!

Have a great week! We are back .... in the city.... we left ..... our home..... upstate when it was the prettiest around 6.30. Florence's goats have been invited to a knot weed party at our house while we are out of town. Should be a good time. E! - I love your romantic notion of Clintondale being our HOME which is becoming more and more true everyday. I just slip up sometimes.

Cheers big ears!