Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grime Of The Century ...

Today I decided to finally move the second bottle cooler into its final resting place behind the bar. The cooler came with the property, but we had never used it or plugged it in. So I plugged in the power cord, and was pleasantly surprised that not only it worked, but also that it wasn't a power monger like older fridges can be.

Before moving it into place, I figured it would be good to scrub it down a little. To me the cooler always looked like it had a greenish metallic color. That was until I scrubbed off the grime, which revealed a more grayish color (note to self: don't clean fridges just once a decade).

After it looked pretty(er) again, it was time to settle into its space.



Anonymous said...

Think you'll be open by April 25th? Would love to dine at Gunk Haus for my birthday!

Gunk Haus said...

We'll be open by April 25th ... next year ... ;-)

lindaingeborg said...

Holy smokes that title makes up for the one without. You have outwitted yourself, sir. Nice to see the progress. That's some clunky stuff out of the way it seems like.

Oh beeeer... You know the preferred kind of this trusty reader and her sidekick. Golden sparkly pilsners from your neck of the woods. And a little south and a little east (mmmmm czechy brews). And ooooooo do I love a Carlsberg.

(E! I'm hanging out with Channing Tatum all week. He's a dream boat on all levels. Whatta sweatie!)

Can't wait for this weekend!!!!!!!

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