Thursday, April 1, 2010

Going To Sweden ...

Aside from fond memories of exciting family vacations, and our neighbor Linda (of Maple Ave Gazette fame), the next-best thing to Sweden is IKEA (technically it's a Dutch company, due to the financial web of trusts, foundations, and companies, most likely to minimize the tax burden, but who cares about these things).

Anyhow, we went to Sweden today. The reason is the furnishing of the wait station, more precisely, the completion thereof.

After E! had sealed the floor, we started carrying some of the furniture back into the wait station. Actually, it is only one, and it looks lonely, but it'll change tomorrow, you'll see.



HiHo said...

I hope you stayed long enough for some meatballs.....

lindaingeborg said...


Thanks for the shout out! That is one good looking wait station!!! And I will feel so at home peeking in at the shelves my people built. And that our handy friends installed! It all looks so great and we are too too excited for words.

We just got up here and it's such a gorgeous day in Clintondale. Aaaahhhhhh...

We are doing fish tacos tomorrow if you get hungry!

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