Friday, April 23, 2010

Fork It Over ...

We are still in need of silverware. For that purpose we call vendors and have them send us samples (I LOVE samples). We use the fork as a representative sample, because it is the most used piece of silverware.

As you can imagine the quality varies, you can feel it by simply holding two different forks. In the picture the second fork from the right (the one with the sticker) is our favorite, but we'll most likely go with the one all the way to the left, because better quality usually translates to higher price, in this case more than twice.

We definitely prefer the euro style forks, they are the ones with longer prongs, because they look more stylish.



Gia said...

I'd definately vote for the euro-style. One of the things we would enjoy when going to the Gunkhaus is feeling like you are actually in Germany.

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