Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buzz, No Buzz ...

And again, I thank all of you who did your homework and responded to my question what beers you like. Thank you Charlie for your extensive list (I knew I could count on you), there are beers on it which either make it on our menu, or we are eager to try.

Back to work. I decided to tackle the dishwasher today, largely because I received a part in the mail yesterday. Hooking up the dishwasher theoretically is as easy as with a residential unit (at least with this model), but this isn't a residential dishwasher.

For one thing, it washes and sanitizes the dishes within 60 to 120 seconds (compared to the half hour or so on a residential dishwasher). The sanitation method with this dishwasher is hot water (which we prefer over chemical, largely to keep our septic system healthy).

Although the dishwasher has a built-in booster heater, it requires the input water to be at least 120°F. In order to provide this temperature in an instant, I am installing a recirculating hot water loop, which means the hot water continuously cycles from the water heater to the dishwasher and back.

So, this morning I took stock of the bits and pieces I need to make it happen, and went and got them, at least most of them, but not enough to start work today. Bummer.

Instead I decided to tackle our lawn mower which had been iffy since last summer. I cleaned everything there is to clean (within easy reach), but it didn't want to start. So I took the engine head off, to clean the combustion chamber, which was when I realized that the head gasket must be leaking, because it was all wet at the bottom, and the combustion chamber was full of soot. More work, more parts to get.