Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Big Teasy ...

Folks, I have a confession to make: We aren't actually opening a restaurant. Sorry. We're just doing all this to tease our neighbors. But you have to admit, we're doing a heck of a job ... ;-)

As we are mostly working inside these days (or so we claim, of course), I felt compelled to make changes to the outside, to keep people on the hook.

I bought some picnic benches (thank you, Selen, for the coupon, which saved us a few bucks again), and set them up in the Biergarten, so people might think that one day they could sit out there munching on pretzels and sausages, sipping on beer, and having a good time. It makes me burst into ghoulish laughter, thinking of how much I fooled them.



lindaingeborg said...

Nice! We bought a picnic table ourselves yesterday and put under our grandaddy Sugar Maple. We put my dad to work putting it together while we planted some flowers in the front.

Did we thoroughly confuse you yesterday in the yard? William Minard gave us the grand tour of the orchards and their plant on 44/55. We know everything there is to know about apple distribution now. And more. Very interesting.

And if you are putting us all on someone is going to have to pinch me real hard cause I want to wake up from that nightmare.

Hope to see you around next weekend!!!

J Bird said...

That's fine - no need to open a restaurant. Just keep "testing recipes" and I'll start visiting A LOT. It helps that I "just happen to be in the neighborhood" with some regularity...

J Bird said...

Also - Miss Linda? You're going to have to tell me everything that I missed on that tour. Or you can just take over distribution of Little Dog Orchard's crop. You know, in all of your free time.

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