Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All Liquor, All Day ...

Let's talk booze, people, alcohol, undiluted, 100% pure, C2H5OH, the good stuff. Can you handle it? Here we go.

This morning I picked up a blueish paper, which we have to post visibly on premise. Yes, folks, we officially have our LIQUOR LICENSE!!!

If that's enough booze for you already, I'm going to have to cut you off from the rest of this post, which is what the second half of our day was all about. E! and I attended a class about alcohol service, legal implications and responsibilities, and how to deal with tough situations (like having to cut off a customer).

This class isn't required, but insurance companies like them (and it helps lower our premium). Aside from that, it was useful information we learned, and we will require our wait staff to take (or have taken) a similar course, if only to avoid the "I didn't know" defense.




Tarbender . . . I'll have a bubble durbon!!!

Gunk Haus said...

Gia, you may have just created a new drink ... :-)

J Bird said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J Bird said...

Reminds me of a little flea from an old Warner Bros. cartoon ... but in this instance, he would be singing, "Booze around the corner, booze around the corner, booze around the corner for me!"


"There'll be no more meatless Tuesdays . . . HALLELUJAH brother!!"



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