Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's Your Wine? ...

We took the day off, at least from physical work (we never really do anything that doesn't have a little bit to do with Gunk Haus).

Today we went to a nursery to shop for shrubbery for the Biergarten. Sooner than later we want to landscape it, to make it attractive to our patrons and neighbors, and to make the liquor authority happy (it likes areas of alcohol consumption to be somewhat enclosed).

Afterward we went to the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery. I have been wanting to go for a while, because they make fruit brandies, which are very common in Germany. Although we applied for a full liquor license (which would allow us to serve beer, wine, and hard liquor), we have no intention to become a fully stocked bar, where the bartender needs a masters degree to decipher all the weird drinks one could order.

No, we like to keep it simple. One of the things I'd like to offer are fruit brandies (as I said, they're common in the homeland), and if they come from a local producer all the better. Aside from the hard core liquor we tried various hard ciders (which will also find their way onto the menu), and a selection of wines.

This brings me to today's homework for you: I would like to know what your favorite local wine is, emphasis on local, i.e. within a 50 mile radius of Gunk Haus. Granted, Gunk Haus will be beer-centric, but of course we will offer wine as well, not as large a selection, but hopefully something for the majority of our wine-drinking customers.



sarah said...

Fruit brandies? YUM! I'm going to visit WVW&D next time I'm up there, for sure. Simple is good...I'm glad you are keeping it that way. Wish I was local to you so I could tell you my fav wine. Oh well, instead I'll just get to enjoy your neighbors' favorites! Reservation for 2 please, late September.

Anonymous said...

Local wines -- Millbrook Winery.

I LOVE the Warwick hard cider -- my grocery store sells it.


lindaingeborg said...

I wish I could help! Haven't had much of a chance to try the local wines yet, but have a big winery tour planned for the folks when they're in town, so we will be back with our faves.

And fruit brandies sound great! Local ones? Even better!

Thanks for the ID help I'm super excited about my greens now! And if the baby aliens turn out to be rhubarb - you're getting my first pie!

ActorB said...

Love El Paso Winery in Esopus right on Rte 9W! A little gem of a winery and the owners are absolutely charming! When are you taking reservations next? We want to make the list! We're so psyched!

Charlie H said...

Off the top of my head my favorite locals would have to be Warwick Black Dirt, Milbrook Hunt Country Red, & Millbrook Tocai Friulano and Whitecliff Reserve Chardonnay.

Jo said...

Whitecliff's Awosting White has always been a picnic fav of ours, and their other selections tend to be some of the better in the HV region as well. We've been following along for a while and are excited for your opening!