Monday, March 29, 2010

Pleasing The Gods ...

After having busted our bottoms to get everything together for the liquor authority (at least we thought we had, because today E! had to stop by the middleman we use to deal with the liquor authority and drop off more documents), we are now working down the punch list to please the gods at the health department.

One sacrifice said gods demand is the floor in the wait station. There is nothing wrong with the run-of-the-mill oak flooring, except for the color: Dark color doesn't show dirt as well as light color.

So we went out and rented a floor sander again this morning. If you believe the ads on TV, it's child's play ...

... the reality, though, looks more like this.

Unfortunately, the floor is a bit wavy, which means there's a lot of sanding required.

Give E! big hand, she is a hard worker.