Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Hunchback Of Gunk Haus ...

In order to receive our certificate of occupancy (which we need for our liquor license) we need to have all holes larger than two inches in diameter closed. Two weeks ago I fixed the holes in the bar, and today I started in the Stube (our private dining room). I was hopeful I'd get it all done today, but I had forgotten how many holes there are (when we acquired Gunk Haus, there were two bathrooms in this room, one of which - the ladies bathroom - featured a double seater, i.e. two toilets next to each other, without any dividing walls; you don't see that too often anymore).

Anyhow, here's a picture of some of the carnage. The hole in the lower left hand corner must have been the result of a constant drip of some liquid (it almost felt like from the movie Alien, because the drip had also eaten away the wood floor and a sturdy beam straight underneath in the basement).

You know the drill: You cut out the bad parts, provide some support underneath, and put some good boards in place.

E! was preparing to stain the little section of oak flooring I had recently installed, which will happen tomorrow (thanks Jerry for your help with mixing the stain to match the existing floor).