Sunday, March 7, 2010

Have A Seat ...

It was another slow and dull day at Gunk Haus. Nothing exciting happened. I fixed a few more holes in the Stube floor. E! stained the wood floor in the Piano Nook and the hallway to the bathrooms.

I poked at some snow overhangs on the roof. Nothing exciting, as I said. And by nightfall it was time to kick back.

But hey!!! Who's that guy?! And what's he carrying?!

Look, there's more of that stuff!!!

A lot more!!!

Enough to fill the bar!!!

Well, E! had found some church pews on Craig's List. For a while now we had talked about building the booths in the beer hall from church pews. And these we liked a lot, and there were enough to also get some to build the banquette on the western side of the beer hall.

Today we had them delivered. Nothing exciting, as I said ... ;-)