Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Day In Pictures ...

Things are getting exciting at Gunk Haus. The beer hall is getting crowded with material and furnishings.

Well, at least the east side, because E! started clearing the west side. Tomorrow I'll get the hardwood flooring started there (the first few rows are always the most difficult). We have had the material lying around forever, and now it is time to install it.

I spent the morning pulling some wire in the kitchen for Mike (our electrician), who will be back tomorrow to finish the hood electric shutoff (EXCITING!!!).

After that I went back to working on the bar, actually the bar floor. Yes, I had installed it a while back, but I realized that I had done a sloppy job the first time around (Jerry, you were right, of course I will never admit that ;-). Basically I leveled it out, instead of just following the waves of the floor.

Now it's more even and flat.

And then our neighbor Julie stopped by today, and noted the chandelier in the bar. I had installed it last weekend, and it appeared in pictures of last Sunday's post, but it may have drowned in all the action that was going on. So here it is, the chandelier, which will adorn (or crown) the Stammtisch in the bar. It is still hanging a little low, but I'll fix it once we have the table in place, and we have a better feeling how high, or low, it should hang.


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