Friday, March 19, 2010

Beer Hall East ...

There was more cleaning, staging, and picture taking today. Here is a look at the beer hall's eastern half, compare that to the same room ten days ago.

I am still not done with the bar, but I am mostly done.

If you ever wondered why we chose the name Gunk Haus, look at this picture. See how level the floor is, and how nicely the door trim lines up with the bar trim, not! The latter was simply because I didn't have enough existing material, and I made the conscious decision to build what you see. Things around here are all a little off (except for the food and the beer), and we like it that way. It's character, and Gunk Haus has lots of it.



lindaingeborg said...

You kidding me!? You guys rock! Looking good!

Coming up tonight and be around all weekend (me maybe longer... ok definitely longer...)

J Bird said...

I am SO impressed. You both (all three - go Sarah!) totally rock. I can't wait to be an even prouder neighbor!