Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Else Is New? ...

Did anybody mention more snow? Seriously, it's been snowing for two days now, and there is no end in sight (until Saturday or so). Don't ask how may inches, I just know that the piles of snow our dear neighbor Butch Anson has plowed off the paved area in front of the house has reached five to six feet already. And it is the heavy wet kind, which concerns me a little, because it puts a lot of weight on the roof.

I was glad I got my supplies yesterday, that way I was able to move along nicely on the bar heat today, though I am still not done. Tomorrow, hopefully, it's taking way too long again, too many interruptions, and the snow isn't helping either.

E! was busy dealing with annoying paperwork, in particular worker's compensation, which we have to have to get our liquor license and the health department approval.



lindaingeborg said...

Good luck finishing up the heat and the paperwork. You can do it! I'll come over there with poms poms and James will do a little dance. And you don't want that so get it done.

Gunk Haus said...

Oh no, we DO want that. In fact, give James the pom poms, have him dance, and we'll kick back with a few drinks ... ;-)

Stay warm, and dry, and safe ... :-)

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