Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some Days Are Just Too Much ...

The snow has stopped, but it left a huge mess. Trees and tree limbs down all over, and subsequently power out all over.

We lost power Friday morning at around 2am. I know this because I was awake for an hour already (playing backgammon, as usual when I can't sleep). When the power went out, my laptop also shut off, which it shouldn't because it has a battery, meaning that it got fried by a spike in the electricity before the lights went off.

That's when the Dirkster entered a very dark place. I was upset, tired, burnt out, and just couldn't cope with it anymore. So I went outside at 3am and started shoveling snow.

Friday was a lost day. Before noon we had power again, and I tried to work on the bar heat, but couldn't do it. At 3pm we just cuddled up, and plowed through two DVDs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Here some pictures. This one is from Thursday, when it was already snowing heavily, which didn't deter me from heading out to get supplies. As you can see, the yellow VW Golf was already nicely covered.

The next day it was barely visible anymore.

And right now it is basically a pile of snow (between the two visible cars).

It sure looks pretty, but I didn't need this right now.

E! was busy today painting the bar (in the final color, which is not raspberry). It'll need a second coat, but you can already sense how it'll look like.

At long last I finished hooking up the radiators in the bar today, and everything is working well.



HiHo said...

the snow has me down too....lets hope it just means we will be in a good place by Monday. Life is good ;)

lindaingeborg said...

Bar looks great! Love the snowpile Golf pic. We got a snowpile Ebba-Jeep in our driveway. As if the snow from above wasn't enough she got the avanlanche off the barn roof on her too, poor thing.

Here's to a new fresh week with lots of good things happening. And so another meaningful and encouraging Swedish pronoun. Det löser sig sa han som sket i vasken. Meaning It'll all work out said the man who pooped in the sink. It looses a bit in the translation I guess.

Have a great week!

Ann said...

Bar looks absolutely wonderful, Dirk. I wish I could say it's going to get better but only the spring weather will let us know that for certain. Anyway, trying to reach you...will send a FB email. Stay warm! PS Chocolate pretzels were to die for. Yummmmm

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