Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow White And The Seven ... ...

I was going to work on the bar heat again today, and for a little while I did, but I needed more supplies, yet what we got was more snow, and I didn't feel like heading out (because I would have had to go across the river - that's the Hudson River for those who aren't familiar with the area).

Instead I entertained myself with patching holes in the bar floor. This is actually a requirement for the Certificate of Occupancy, which we need for the liquor license. Yes, we need to patch every hole in the floor larger than two inches in diameter (we would do that anyway, and of course we will patch holes smaller than that as well). Another requirement is that the place can be heated to 68° F, which is why I am working on the bar heat (or not).

E! started priming the bar drawers and doors (I apologize for not taking a picture, but there'll be more action tomorrow).