Thursday, February 4, 2010

Side By Side ...

Whenever I start a blog post, there is so much I want to say (ok, there are days I wish I had a lot of exciting pictures, and I wouldn't have to write a single word), but then I don't know how to start, can't seem to get to the point, get lost in other thoughts, and at the end feel like I didn't write down what I wanted to say.

So here are a few things I want to say today: Thank you for you reading this blog, daily, weekly, monthly, doesn't matter. Thank you for leaving comments (I LOVE comments). Thank you for your encouragement.

I have been somewhat down lately, but quite frankly, after two years of working on Gunk Haus I am showing signs of deterioration, my batteries are shot, my nerves lie blank, and I am easily aggravated. But the stress will not diminish until we are open (granted, there will be new stress from running Gunk Haus, but that's another story).

Anyhow, it was a good day, it was a plastering day, and we got work done. The western half of the beer hall is almost entirely plastered (there's a small piece missing, because I was blocking it with the scaffold, being high up in the air, plastering a wall).

I am definitely getting better at it. While Jack was busy finishing up a wall, I already started slapping the mud up on a different wall. This is so different from when we plastered the Stube ceiling, Jack was pretty much doing the entire ceiling, and I tried to keep up.

Off to the picture section, which you all love. I apologize that they aren't the greatest, I am not a good photographer (a big thank you goes to Pat for giving us her old camera, without which this blog wouldn't be possible, at least the picture section).



HiHo said...

it's looking great!!
I posted today too. I know what you mean, I lose my way in the words sometimes too and you know most just want the photos anyway.However I do get a great feeling of a accomplishment when I do get the post on the page with the content I intended. Happens about one out of every four HHH

Gia said...

I can't wait to get plastered at the GUNKHAUS, too!!! HA HA HA !!!!

slamgoody said...

Awesome Job, I live in the neighborhood and drive by everyday. Can't wait to spend some money at your place.

Gunk Haus said...

Heidi, I read your blog post already (it sounds like you had fun at the show), and it seems you wrote just what you intended to, whereas I got lost from the first sentence on in this post (I was going to write about working together with Jack, and that I am usually a soloist and stuff; maybe next time).

Don't worry, Gia, we'll have just the right drink for you: A Black Forest Martini (OK, I still have to work out the exact composition, but it will be spectacular).

Thanks, Slam Goody, we LOVE money ... ;-)

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