Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quicky ...

I apologize for not posting yesterday, I was tired, frustrated, and it is still Winter. My laptop is still powerless (sorry, Linda, your power adapter started throwing sparks and smelling like my feet, I'll replace it), but hopefully this will change tomorrow, because I ordered a new power adapter.

Today wasn't much better, less tired, still frustrated, and did you look outside, yep, still Winter. In addition E!'s laptop gave in today without any sign of revival. It might have to go to Doctor Steve for a diagnosis.

There was work going on, of course. Lots of taping of drywall, and tons of office work we have to start tackling (workers' comp and disability insurance, credit card rates, health department, and a few other things).

There is definitely a martini in my near future, cuddling with my honey, and watching movies.



lindaingeborg said...

Oh boy! I'm sorry - hope it didn't cause any damage and that the feets were easily wafted away. No need for replacement right now, the computer it goes to said night night a long time ago. What is going on in electronics land?! They are going on strike! Are we overusing our poor cabled friends. It's true, I should read a book instead sometimes. But this is so much more fun! Gotta peek in on your friends.

Busy busy busy! Glad to hear it! Hope you have a productive rest of your week. Cuddling and watching movies also counts as productive.

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