Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pretty In Dark Pink ...

The bar is getting a makeover, at least colorwise. E! was busy priming the bar today (yes, Amy, this is the color we chose for the bar; no, seriously, we like it).

Doesn't it look pretty?

I was back at working on the bar heat, though I didn't get much done. Well, first I headed out to get supplies. Then we had Joe, our alarm system specialist, come by and finish up some work. Intermittently, we had an electrician come by to look at some minor electrical work we still need to have done. After that we had our kitchen hood fire suppressionist (the man who installed the hood fire suppression system) here to charge the system (now it is totally ready, so better not start a fire under the kitchen hood). Last not least, in anticipation of more snow for the next few days, I headed out once again and got more supplies, and then the day was over.

Hopefully by tomorrow I have the heat going in the bar (else I need to go to one and have myself a nice martini).



HiHo said...

love it, no really, I LOVE IT!!!It's a wonderful shade of raspberry.

Jerry Starpoli said...

Great choice!!!!!

lindaingeborg said...

Yummy. That color makes me hungry. I think it's a great choice! Lovely weather we're having eh? James and I were coming back from a little 4 wheeling when you saw us. It's soso pretty out there!

Hope you are getting stuff done over there!

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