Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No End In Sight ...

I was back at taping, sanding, and pinking today, and I am getting annoyed by it. Granted, having not slept most of last night didn't help, but there are so many other projects that stare me in the eye every day, and I have to pet them, and say: Soon!, or Tomorrow!, or Patience young Skywalker!, or something else nerdy.

This is just like when I got frustrated after having worked on the bar floor for three weeks, without completing it. Interestingly enough it is the very bar floor projects, which I lust for right now. There is a bit of a domino effect with the bar floor, which is why I am so keen on finishing it.

E! headed out this morning to pick up the wood for our dining tables. After having tried to find table tops we like at restaurant supply stores, without success, we decided to have them made (I'd love to make them, but I just don't have the time right now). Jack, our plaster meister, agreed to give it a stab, and he stopped by yesterday with a sample, and boy did it look gorgeous!!!

I promise to post pictures again tomorrow, there just wasn't much to show for the last two days.




You are doing such amazing things! GO TEAM!!!

Gunk Haus said...

Gia, thank you for being such a good cheerleader ... :-) ... Not much longer until it's all (mostly) done, and we can have some fun, i.e. have people over.