Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mixperimentation ...

It was a slow day, for some unknown reason. Maybe it's getting too warm already. There was a little bit of taping of drywall in the main entrance, a little cleaning up in the bar, and a little window and trim cleaning all around (thank you, Julie, for helping out on that one).

The main event happened after hours. A few weeks ago, Leslie had mentioned coming across a recipe for a black forest cake martini, which got me all excited in an instant. I had grand visions of layered booze in different colors, topped with frothy milk and such.

So I enlisted our dear neighbor, and hobby mixologist, Jody to help me out. So, this evening we got together, armed with all sorts of liquors that resemble the components of a black forest cake: chocolate, cherry, and cream. I instantly dived into trying a layered drink, and failed utterly.

As expected and hoped for, Jody was much better at this game, and it quickly became apparent that the chocolate flavor should not come from a liquor, but from the chocolate rim (if you have naughty thoughts right now, that tells more about you than me, because we literally coated the glass rim with chocolate).

Most of the liquors were way too sweet, and even as dessert cocktail wouldn't be much of a best-seller. But after numerous trials (and errors), Jody mixed up a fine cocktail, which we all liked.



J Bird said...

You're more than welcome. And let me know when it's time to get to the painting, and tile sealing, and anything else you're willing to let unskilled hands at!

J Bird said...

Oh yeah, also? Yum and hooray for cocktails!

lindaingeborg said...

Thank you for letting us be part of the creation of a new fancy classic! So much fun! We want to help as well when it comes to be crunch time. We can clean and carry and sweep and test beers for you. You will need a few very practiced palates for that sort of thing I assume.

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