Friday, February 19, 2010

Make Some Noise ...

Joe, our security system meister, was back today finishing up the installation of the fire alarm system. We are now armed and dangerous. Actually the fire alarm is dangerous. I understand it is supposed to get your attention, but do you need to hear it five miles away as well? I apologize in advance to all our neighbors, if it ever goes off.

Speaking of neighbors. Some of you may have received a letter from the Lloyd Planning Board regarding our proposed signage (as our property is a non-conforming use, we need the approval of our neighbors for out of the ordinary signage). I assume you don't have any objections to a 15 foot tall neon sign with blinking lights and polka music playing during opening hours. Oh, you do? Well, lucky you that's not what we are going for ... ;-)

Workwise, it was painting for E!, and experimenting with different chocolates for chocolate stuffed pretzels, while I entertained myself with more flooring. As you can see, I am still using the *beep* *beep* *beep* manual floor nailer (I should actually demote it to a *beep* *beep* manual floor nailer, as I am starting to get a hang of it - which doesn't make it my new favorite toy).

Here an action shot, which illustrates why I am not fond of it: With my foot I have to hold the nailer in place, because I need both hands to create enough smack to drive the nail in all the way, all this barely a foot away from a nicely plastered wall.

But in the end it all turned out fine.