Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daycrawler ...

In home renovation, if you don't think ahead, you may have to redo a lot of work, or you end up in the crawlspace above your kitchen.

Before we installed the drywall in the beer hall I realized that I should run a wire for the thermostat, which controls the beer hall climate. Unfortunately, I was only smart enough to run wire for the heat, but not for the air condition.

So today I spent a good two hours in the crawlspace above the kitchen pulling a second wire for the A/C. The picture below shows what fun place it is up there (in the lower right hand corner you see the white wire going to the thermostat).

In order to get into the crawlspace above the kitchen you have to remove the troffer lights, and therefore you have to setup ladders, which in the end means that you need a lot of space. Because of that no cooking was going on today. Instead, E! kept busy with office tasks.

Tomorrow, we have Joe, our security system installation meister, come over to start installing the various fire alarm components. We have all of the walls plastered, where the components will be installed, but at the main entrance, where several components will go, the adjacent walls hadn't been plastered yet. So I fixed that today.