Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Broken Things ...

I feel like a real Mensch again, I received a brand-new power adapter for my laptop today. E!'s laptop remains broken, even after major surgery. I guess we'll have to get her a new one. For the time being she will have to do with an older one.

For dinner we had Pfannenkuchen (pan cakes) with salmon and horseradish sour creme, and a bottle of rosé, which had served its time in our fridge. While opening said bottle, the cork screw broke. What else is new?

Well, tomorrow is plastering on the menu again, so we spent most of the day sanding and pinking. Aside from that, E! made a roast turkey for sandwhiches, and pretzels buns.



The PaintBox Girl said...

Hi kids! Finally checking in today, looking at the progress of things over the last few weeks. I'm glad you made some decisions about the pet issue. Now we don't need face that argument with our cats. Bella is fine either way. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am available for menu testing, anything to help. Enjoy the spackling. And remember your masks! : )

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