Friday, January 29, 2010

Who's Your Doggy ...

After my recent success to engage you, my dear readers, and have you comment on what turned out to be a hot button issue, here is another topic for you to consider.

Long have E! and I debated whether to allow dogs on premise, whereby on premise means the outside dining areas, like the Biergarten. There are no dogs or any other pets allowed inside the restaurant, unless they are seeing eye or other assisting animals.

Back to the dog topic (why only dogs and not other pets: cats, rats, snakes, goats?). There are several issues E! and I have to take into consideration, among them liability, nuisance, and Piglet. The latter is our own pooch, a dachshund and jack russell mix, and we already fear that we have to stockpile doggy prozac for her, when the restaurant opens.

A while back someone mentioned to us a Yappy Hour, which we are currently leaning towards. One day of the week, the Biergarten would be open to dogs (and their owners), to frollic and be merry.



Anonymous said...

LOVE the Yappy Hour idea! That should generate some press attention! (And loyalty from dog owners). I guess you could see how it goes and if it works well could extend it . . . Or, have a dog section of the biergarten and a nondog section (so those who are afraid or allergic are ok too).

I suppose you *should* check with your insurance carrier . . . what if two dogs get in a fight, or of course if one bites someone . . . but perhaps that's just too risk averse, and more likely all will play well together.


Anonymous said...

My doctor actually brings his dogs into the office and everyone loves it. Makes it more relaxing. I'd make them pay cash, though, as ID theft among dogs has got to be rampant.

Gia said...

I think it's an EXCELLENT idea and, just as many restaurants have a kids menu, you can have a doggie menu. What weiner-dog wouldn't like weinerschnitzel?

J Bird said...

I definitely love the idea of Yappy Hour, but I would also love it if dogs were welcome in the outside spaces at all times. Even before I had a canine in my life, I always preferred bars that allowed dogs. Dogs = friendly, laid-back joint.

lindaingeborg said...


I think the only possible negative to the Yappy Hour is that I may die of over stimulation and excitement but hey! What a way to go! I think it's a wonderful idea. And I guess I would have to say that as much as I would like dogies there all the time it's probably a big liability on your part. Not worth the hassle.

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