Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Powerless ...

So last night my laptop crapped out, actually it was the power supply (or so I think), and now the battery is drained, and the laptop doesn't have power anymore (if you happen to live close-by and you have an Apple iBook G4, or maybe G3, let me know, I'd like to try your power adapter on my laptop).

I am only telling you this, because I am too lazy right now to fire up E!'s Mac, upload the pictures from the camera, and post them on this very blog. So, yes, there won't be any pictures today, and, yes again, you are a victim of my laziness.

The day was pretty much filled with drywalling and taping drywall joints. As I mentioned yesterday already, we are starting to plaster the beer hall on Friday, which usually requires a lot of prep work (taping, sanding, pinking - don't know what pinking is, look at one of my older posts).