Monday, January 25, 2010

Paper Or Plastic ...

If you are one of my readers, who only skims this blog for the pictures (at which point you can't really be considered a reader, but a browser, or skimmer) you will not even make it to this point in the text, where I warn you that I did two posts tonight (meaning after this post is another one, which you haven't read yet).

Anyhow, E! and I were talking this evening about the merits of paper versus plastic, meaning: Should we accept plastic payments (credit, debit, diner cards) versus cold hard (or mostly soft and floppy paper) cash only. If Gunk Haus were a cash-only establishment, you can assume that we would have an ATM on site.

From a business perspective there are pros and cons one way or another, but this post is all about you, my dear readers, and hopefully future customers. I would like to get your feedback on this topic. So please leave your comments (which you can do at the end of this post where it says XYZ comments - just click on that, and it will show you comments of others and allow you to post your own comment).

Thank you in advance ... :-)



Anonymous said...

does accepting credit cards mean you may have to charge (3% to 5%) more for the outrageous processing fees? Because that may or may not affect how I answer.

Anonymous said...

I personally absolutely hate the "cash only, the ATM's at the door" routine.

Its irritating after a nice meal. Have to get up, and know that the bank it going to ding me a buck or two, and the atm is going to ding me a buck or two... It actually pisses me off and makes me think twice about eating at a place.

Having said that, I understand the financial incentive for restaurants. They get to avoid the credit card companies taking a cut, plus they get a kick back from the ATM machine. (And that adds to the pissing me off part!)

Instead, I'd suggest you accept credit cards, but on your menu say that you will pass on the credit card cost which is typically in the 2% to 4% range. (That assumes of course that your card processing agreement doesn't prohibit you doing so.) Actually, it would be better to say that there is a slight discount for cash.

Gia said...

Yes to credit cards. Think of the business diner out with a client or for a company party. They would typically use a card then get reimbursed. I like theconcept of an incentive for those who would pay in cash. You may also want to consider a frequent diner program.

Anonymous said...

I use my credit card for everything and I generally refuse to use those on site ATMs due to the outragious fee. That said, there are a couple of places that I will go and tolerate the cash only policy. One is the Golden Rail in Newburgh whom currently has the best craft beer selection in the valley. the other is Dominics the best restaurant in little Italy. Do the credit card.

Anonymous said...

Agree, take credit cards but offer a discount for cash if you'd like.

One restaurant in the area (Taro's, in Millerton) does not take credit cards, but it is basically an inexpensive pizza place, nothing like what you are going to do. Also, they have been around for years and "everyone" knows their policy. They do not have an ATM in their restaurant, but they do take local checks, which must be a little risk for them.

lindaingeborg said...

I think credit cards are key. Maybe you can set a higher than usual minimum...?

J Bird said...

On the off chance that the readers' voices have not been heard loud and clear, I have to support the "loathe restaurants that only take cash" sentiment.

As a small business owner, I will complitch with you about how paying the fees sucks AND blows, and I will also thank the clever reader who suggested a cash discount, which might show up soon at a lease-a-tree orchard near you soon...

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