Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Floor Puzzler ...

The day ended with little accomplished, at least in terms of picture-worthy results. Most of the work happened in my mind (unfortunately, my pocket-EEG just ran out of battery, else I had posted a picture of that), shifting floor boards back and forth, measuring, cutting, patching. Nothing exciting, but I finally got a breakthrough (in my mind), and tomorrow there will be action.

E! was far more productive in the kitchen, experimenting with paprika sauce, making crackers, and last not least making Obatzda (a Bavarian cheese spread made from Camembert). A few weeks back, E! had made Obatzda following a recipe by (Bavarian) celebrity chef Alfons Schubeck, which I didn't like (because it didn't taste anything like the Obatzda I am used to), but tonight's version was spot-on. Yum!!!

I promise there will be pictures again tomorrow, definitely of the bar floor, but maybe even of some food concoctions E! is working on.



Anonymous said...

I didn't make the Obatzda, Miss Sarah did -- and it was very yummy, just a bit too refined for our menu; we're more of a in-your-face stinky-cheese kinda place. It was totally my fault for asking her to make a pig's ear out of a silky brie. It really drove home that old kitchen saying: stinky cheese in, stinky cheese out.

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